At such time of digital transformation everything is moving fast forward towards digital life. Digital cashless
payments, online transactions & communications, digital contracts; the list goes on. The world is simply
becoming digital and online. Legal services should not lag behind, that’s why we created OAM E-LEGAL Digital
to match the development needs of each and every client in such electronic world. You don’t need to waste time
commuting to reach your preferred law firm or finding a parking slot. You don’t even need to be seated any more
in the waiting room for someone to escort you to the lawyer’s office round the corner at the end of the corridor in
a dim light office or highly fancy firm setup, which is even more time loss ironically. Now, at your fingertips you
can avoid all such time loss, parking burden, waiting time, avoid getting close to people should any pandemic is
in the air and get your desired legal support in a digital friendly platform with care and passion from OAM E-LEGAL.

OAM E-Legal is established based on our strong belief that every business and individual needs legal support & representation as a fundamental constitutional right. the dynamic & demanding environment business operations, transactions & activities is usually associated with potential disputes that erupt on the go. We love to give a hand. we believe that in such a volatile environment stretching over North Africa and the Middle East businesses needs legal support that is able to stand with business operations. We position ourselves as partners to our client, not only service provider. This pushes us to accept no compromise with our services & we do it with passion.  WE COME FROM 25 years OF EXPERIENCE.

OAM E-LEGAL provides legal support in various legal fields. We trust to add value to our clients, because we have been working in the legal field sine 1996 spanning different legal industries such as International and local law firms, Public Prosecution & Judiciary, MNCs, Education and covering Egypt, Middle East & North Africa. For more information about our services please check our website.

In case you are interested in our services or possibly a meeting for further discussion and clarification about what we do and how we can help, kindly drop us an email to or call us at +201002020398.